Why enrol on an apprenticeship

Gain a qualification within your working day  

By studying for an apprenticeship, you can work towards a qualification during your normal working hours. With the support of your school/employer, your time will be split 20-80 between training and your school role. This balance will help you develop your skills through studying without adding to your workload. As we deliver our programme mostly online, you won't be spending any time travelling to a college or other site and can learn from anywhere. 

Tailor the training to suit your goals  

Whether you want to begin your career in education support, build knowledge and skills in your current job or are preparing to progress, our programmes can help you meet your career goals. Not only will you learn while working, but the tools and techniques you develop can be applied straight away. Our programmes are designed to fit with the pattern of the academic year and the curriculum relates directly to the day-to-day experience of working in a school.  

Benefit from a learning community

By studying for an apprenticeship, you’ll get the chance to engage and share knowledge with experienced in-school mentors as well as your apprentice peers who will be working in different schools across the country. At United Learning Apprenticeships, we believe that studying for an apprenticeship should create the opportunity for discussion and group engagement so that you can share practice and gain a deeper insight into the varied application of your role across different contexts. You will have the opportunity to talk through tasks, activities and assignments with other apprentices, as well as with your mentor and your expert Programme Lead.